Appreciations From Parents and Students

The team work dancers learn as they prepare for a performance is not competing with one another, but rather striving to show the very best of themselves to delight and inspire their audience. As parents, we have never regretted choosing to invest in this endeavor. Thank you a million times to Mary Beth and all the teachers that have been a part of Anna’s life!

Margie and Stewart MDance Parents

The studio is excellent at maintaining a professional atmosphere while keeping true to the “small town” Kodiak feel. The program offers a perfect range for anyone wanting to take their first ballet class to those wanting to pursue dance at a more professional level. My training prepared me to pursue dance at a collegiate level and I am grateful for everything the studio has given me.

CJ - Former Student

I danced in Kodiak for fifteen years and worked with Mary Beth for much of that time. Mary Beth is excellent at recognizing student’s individual needs and working with them at a pace that matches their learning style. She is enthusiastic in her teaching and is deeply invested in the success of each student

Cierra, former ballet. jazz. and tap student

Mary Beth gives more than enough to her adult dance students, she gives us the opportunity to do what we love again with no other expectation of perfection than our own. She always made me feel as though I had never quit dancing and we had a great time!

ErinAdult Ballet Student

Mary Beth not only knows dance, she knows children. She knows and she cares. They say it takes a village. It truly does, and I’m so lucky that Marybeth is in all of my daughters lives. I feel confident knowing that she is another person looking out for my girls.

AnonymousDance Parent

In my life thus far I have had few people, aside from my family, who have been wholeheartedly confident in my capabilities; Mary Beth is one of them. I have been blessed to study under Mrs. Mary Beth’s instruction for 6 years. Through the course of that time I have been taught to appreciate dance for both the freedom and frustrations it produces. I can genuinely say I would not be the dancer I am today without her. Her constant encouragement saved me from giving up several times, and as dancers, it is essential to have an individual you can trust, and who will push you beyond the limitations you set before yourself. The experience I have had with Mrs. Mary Beth has been irreplaceable, challenging, rewarding, and inspirational. I am thrilled that this studio will be led by someone with a pure love and passion for the art of dance and for her students.

A.E., former dance student

Almost every week I have the fun of watching my grandchild’s hip hop class- a nonstop hour of muscle strengthening and stretching, challenging footwork and coordination, all set to upbeat happy music. Kids are learning how to follow directions, how to listen for the rhythm of the music, how to keep trying till they “get it right”, all with smiles and enthusiasm. The teacher’s energy and dynamic encouragement make me wish I could take the class myself!

A Foot Tapping Grandma

Marybeth is dedicated to seeing strength and potential in each individual and encouraging and challenging them to push themselves further than they thought possible, to become more polished and disciplined, and to find the joy in dancing.

Heather & Bryan EDance Parents

Miss Mary Beth helped give Bethany a passion for life by sharing her love of dance, her kind heart, and her dedication to teaching young dancers. She creates an atmosphere in the dance studio that fosters the best in each dancer.  She gave Bethany a passion for her whole life, not just for dance.

Bob and Sharon FDance Parents for 18 Years

Our family has been incredibly blessed to work with Marybeth for over 6 years.  We are so grateful for all the love she has poured into our daughter.  With her passion for dance and love for her students, we are sure Marybeth will continue to positively impact many more young dancers in the studio, on stage and in life.

Heather EDance Parent