Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for classes happens all year long. The best time to register is April through June for summer classes and June through August for the full season of classes that run from September through May. You can inquire at any time during the year for special sessions or any class availability. Plus, you can grab a free trial class pass here!
YES! We we do offer a “risk free” trial class. Potential students should register online for the class they would like to try and indicate in the “note” that they would like to try the class first. We will not process payment until after the trial class.
Students may obtain permission from the director to participate in a trial class after the January enrolment deadline leading up to recital, as after this time we may not be able to obtain a costume for the spring recital.
Bring water for your child. Bring your camera. You are encouraged to take pictures. If you upload them on social media, be sure and check in at Next Step Dance Kodiak!
Give us a call at 907-654-5722 or contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the best class for your child according to their age and interests.
To offer the best possible experience to each student, class size is limited. A class will default to “wait list only” when it reaches the maximum registration limit. Classes are first come first served. You can register for the wait list and we will contact you as soon as there is an opening.
Dance attire and shoes can be purchased on your own or from Ovations dance wear at the studio.
All dancers are expected to wear appropriate dance wear and shoes for the style of dance being taught. No jewelry or watches except small stud earrings are allowed in class, and hair must be securely fastened out of the face. More information will be available once you register, depending on the class you are taking.
Heck yes! We love our adult dancers, and we offer full year and short courses (8 weeks) in adult ballet, hip hop, tap, and ballroom! Contact us to see about joining in, we would love to have you!
Costs vary all year with different programs and are available on the registration pages. We ensure affordable fun! Rates vary upon levels of dancers, number of classes per week, length of program (such as 8 week short courses for ballroom dance or ballet partnering) and discounts for siblings or family members, multiple classes, or payment of the semester in full. Tuition costs include registration fee and city taxes.
We are always available via email or phone to discuss concerns you may have. Classes at NSDK run back-to-back, and often teachers do not have time to thoroughly discuss concerns between classes. We want to be sure we are giving you the best and most complete information, so please do not try to engage teachers in lengthy conversation between classes! You can contact us via message or call us at 907-654-5722 to set up a time to come in and chat or ask questions you may have!
Attendance is a serious commitment at NSDK in order to make sure your dancer progresses at their fullest capability and that they keep up with new material and choreography. But we all get sick sometimes, and that’s A-Okay. Your dancer can jump into any other class that suits your schedule to make up for the missed hour. It can even be a different subject! You can make up a missed class, but if you chose to not make up your account will still not be credited for the missed class. So really try not to miss any!
Arrive early. Have your hair neatly secured back and dance shoes on before you enter the classroom. Dress appropriately for the class – follow dress code including hair, tights and shoes.
Wait in the lobby until your teacher comes to get your class. Give mom or dad a high five and enter the classroom area with your teacher.
If for some reason you arrive after class has begun, enter quietly and join in the lesson without disrupting.
Bring your dance bag and spill-resistant water bottle into the classroom and set it on the floor in front of the mirror.
Wait for designated water breaks, or ask your teacher’s permission before you have a drink of water.
Do not chew gum or bring food into the classroom.
Put your cell phone away in a safe place. Make sure it is on silent.
Save your stories and personal conversations for after class.
Be attentive. Listen to your teacher’s instructions. Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called upon.
Listen to the questions your classmates ask, as the answer will likely benefit you.
Keep your critiques and opinions of others to yourself. We all have different skills we can improve on.
Have a positive attitude. Clap for and encourage your classmates whenever possible.
Always give your best effort.
Have fun!
We are looking forward to seeing you in class soon! As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.