Parent & Student Handbook

This handbook should help shine a light on how things are run throughout the year and answer many queries you may have before the year begins. We believe that our success comes as a result of providing solid training and quality service, as well as our underlying belief in the strength of our organization. We have created this handbook to offer our students and their parents a clear understanding of their commitments and responsibility to the school. This handbook will serve as your guide to NSDK and its philosophy of dance education.


We strive for excellent communication to keep our families informed and up to date. Email is our primary communication form–please read the studio’s messages thoroughly. They contain important dates and notices! We also update our website and Facebook page regularly. Please be aware that many classes are scheduled with no break in between, so communication with teaching staff should be kept extremely short, or conducted after classes are finished. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your dancer or our programs – please call or email our office, and we would be happy to help!


Tuition is based on the 9-month season of class offerings. Each month is priced the same for the sake of simplicity, and during recital month, dancers are given many extra hours of instruction and experience at no extra cost during preparation for performances. If your dancer misses class due to illness or family vacations, full tuition is still due to hold their place in class, and they will be offered the opportunity to make up their absences. Make-up classes or refunds are not offered for cancellations due to inclement weather. All tuition will be paid online.


Next Step Dance Kodiak fosters a lifelong love for dance and creative expression. In order to guarantee that all of our dancers are able to best pursue their passion, we have a comprehensive anti-bullying policy applicable to our students, dance families, staff, and employees.
We define bullying as any behavior; physical, verbal, or written (either electronically or in person), that detrimentally targets another dancer. This behavior is described as bullying if it physically or emotionally harms a dancer, targets a dancer for any actual or perceived characteristic, or creates a hostile environment in the dance studio. Next Step Dance Kodiak recognizes that bullying does not just occur between students. If a parent or guardian has witnessed bullying or harassing another student, parent, or staff member, there will be repercussions.

Next Step Dance Kodiak will not tolerate bullying in any form; physical, emotional, social or otherwise. As such, we have a Zero Tolerance Bullying Policy. Each reported instance of bullying will be followed-up with specific attention to the situation and dancers or people involved. Since our goal is to empower people and embrace individuality, one documented bullying event will have repercussions which may include immediate termination of enrollment for egregious violations.

Student Behavior

  • Dancers are expected to be on time to class, ready to dance. Older girls should be warmed up when class begins.
    No cell phones are allowed in class. They should be turned off, put away, and only checked at the end of class.
  • Dancers may not leave the class room without permission from the instructor.
  • Dancers are expected to be respectful of their teacher and fellow dancers at all times. NSDK has a strict no-bullying policy. Parents will be called if problems arise.
  • Dancers may have water in a non-spill container only in the dance room.  Food, gum, and sugary drinks are not permitted in class.
  • Dancers are expected to pick up after themselves and keep the studio and entry area clean.
  • Only dance shoes are permitted on the dance floor.


  • Attendance  is a serious issue.  Dancers must attend class regularly if they expect to progress with their class.  Excessive absences may affect a student’s ability to remain in that level of class or jeopardize opportunities to perform. Students with perfect attendance will be recognized at the spring recital.
  • Dancers are expected to attend all classes they are registered for unless other prior arrangements have been made. If a dancer is going to miss a class, please call the studio in advance and make plans to attend a make-up class.
  • Classes will begin on time, students arriving more than 5 minutes after class begins may be asked to not participate and observe the class.  This will be up the discretion of the instructor and will be addressed on an individual basis.
  • NSDK follows the same schedule as KIBSD and does not hold class during school holidays.  NSDK does hold class on “in service days” and on parent-teacher conference days.  When KIBSD cancels classes for weather concerns NSDK will do the same.
  • There are no afternoon classes on Halloween!