NSDK Tuition Scholarships

Supported by generous NSDK families, rose/t-shirt/photo sales, and donations as part of our ticket sales, NSDK offers 3, full-year, tuition scholarships. Application is answering a short questionnaire and performing a 30-second piece of choreography of your own making. This application is not about finding the best technical dancer; it is about finding passionate students who want to dance as much as possible and cannot support their full tuition on their own.

Costume Scholarships

We also provide two costume scholarships each year, thanks to generous support from an NSDK family. Families interested in costume scholarships should reach out to the NSDK office directly, and consideration will go first to families with multiple costumes for their dancer(s).

Tribal and Other Scholarships

Many of our local Alaska Native organizations or tribal entities offer tuition scholarships for their members. Other local entities, such as Kodiak Arts Council, also offer annual dance and arts scholarships. We are happy to provide invoices to these charitable organizations.

Homeschool and Migrant Education Reimbursement

We are a vendor with AK Teach, IDEA, and other home-school options that will reimburse families for their dance tuition. Migrant Education through the KIBSD also pays full tuition for students.