Thank you for choosing Next Step Dance Kodiak. We are honored that you have entrusted your student’s dance education to us. We look forward to instilling in our students a love and respect for the Arts and Dance, building self-esteem and self-discipline, and nurturing young minds to be the best they can be!
We want to encourage our students to always strive for their personal best, to expand their horizons, and to exceed their expectations. We want to present them with opportunities to build the skills that will equip them for a successful life: concentration, discipline, self-confidence, motivation, perseverance, respect, problem solving, and teamwork, along with opportunities to overcome shyness or introversion.
Sharing the arts within our community plays an essential role in our studio. One goal of the studio is to help students grow and be a place that is encouraging to families while supporting our local community. As our students gain experience, we focus on building solid techniques while nurturing each dancer’s individual talents. Our goal for our older students is to challenge and inspire them to progress toward the next level, while gaining a sense of motivation, discipline and passion for dance. Through their successful achievements, your student will realize that goal-setting is worthwhile; we want to show them that they can reach for progressively higher goals throughout the rest of their lives… that they should DREAM BIG!
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with your children,

Mary Beth Loewen & the teachers and staff of Next Step Dance Kodiak