Wizard of Oz Class Characters

Wizard of Oz Class Characters



These classes will be double cast, so only perform 1 night


3 yr old R & M – Saturday: Farm animals

4 year old R & M- Saturday: Bluebells

3 &4 yr old R & M – Thursday Farm animals

3&4 Year Old R & M – Tuesday: Woodland creatures

3&4 yr old R & M – Wednesday: Woodland creatures

Intro to Ballet & Tap – Monday: Bluebells

Intro to Ballet & Tap – Saturday Bluebirds in Munchkin Land

Intro to Ballet, & Tap- Thursday: Bluebirds in Munchkin Land


These classes will perform both nights


Adult Ballet: Citizens of Oz

Beginning Ballet 1- Monday: Snowflakes in poppy scene

Beginning Ballet 1-Friday: Snowflakes in poppy scene

Beginning Ballet 2: Munchkin pages/band in Munchkin Land

Ballet I : Magic at Prof Marvel’s Caravan

Ballet 2 : Citizens of Oz Group 1

Ballet 3 : Poppies

Ballet 4: Vultures

Ballet 5: Flying Monkeys

Ballet 6 : “Kansas welcome”, and Flowers in the poppy scene

Boys funk and jazz class: Lollipop League in Munchkin Land

Contemporary 1: Scarecrows in field

Contemporary 2: part of Tornado

Hip Hop 1A (Monday) and Hip Hop 1B (Friday): Storm front/Tornado

Hip Hop 2A and Hip Hop 2B: Guards at Wicked Witch Castle

Hip Hop 3: Scary trees

Jazz 1: Munchkins

Jazz 2: Crows in field with scarecrows

Musical Theatre! Age 10+ and Musical Theatre! Age 6-9): Citizens of Oz Group2

Pointe: Emeralds

Tap 1A: Guards at Emerald City Gates

Tap 1B: Wash Up & Brush Up Company

Tap 2 : Ruby Slippers

Acro 1: Munchkins

Acro 2: Rainbow at start of Munchkin Land

Parents and Kids: Walk on down the Road in Munchkin Land