Kodiak Arts Council, together with Next Step Dance Kodiak, presents

The Nutcracker December 6, 7, & 8

We will do our best at Next Step Dance Kodiak to keep this page up to date with all the things you need to know, but you can also contact the Kodiak Arts Council at 907-486-5291


For parents and dancers to read and reference:




Purchase tickets from Kodiak Arts Council HERE

Purchase roses for your performer for pick up at the Auditorium HERE 

Video links for choreography practice are here: HERE


On stage, each group will run their dance at least twice (including soloists). Much of the party scene, especially, is double cast, so thank you in advance for your patience!

November 16th  Rehearsal: Auditorium (no costumes needed)

10:00-11:00: Finale (only some students)

11:00-11:45: Presentation to the Kingdom of the sweets (only some students)

12:30-12:50: Tap pre-show

1:00-2:30 Party Scene Clara, Fritz, Maids & Butler, Herr Stahlbaum, Frau Stahlbaum, Party Parents, Party Children, Harlequin Doll (2 casts, twice through each), Ballerina Doll (2 casts twice through each), Gingerbread Dolls, Jack in the Box Doll (2 casts), Nutcracker Doll (2 casts twice through each), Herr Drosselmeyer

2:30-3:20 Battle Scene: Clara, Baby Mice (two casts), Big Mice, Soldiers, Mouse King, Harlequin Doll, Ballerina Doll, Nutcracker Prince (Baby Mice, Harlequin Doll, Ballerina Doll, will be 2:30-3:00)

 3:20-4:00: Christmas Woods: Clara, Nutcracker Prince, Baby Snow (two casts, twice each), Snow Queen, Snowflake Corps, Cossack dancers (Baby Snow will be 3:20-3:45)

      4:00-4:40: Angels (two casts, twice each), presentation to the Sugar Plum Fairy and Kingdom of the Sweets, Storytelling, Pastry Chefs

4:40-6:00: Spanish Hot Chocolate, Russian Tea Cakes, Russian Candy Canes (two casts, twice each), Arabian Coffee, Chinese Tea, Marzipan, BonBons, Mother Ginger and Polichinelles, Sugar Plum Solo, Waltz of the Flowers – Dew Drop Fairy & Flowers, Finale, remainder of solos, etc.


November 23rd: Auditorium – COSTUMES NEEDED (including all accessories, but no pointe shoes)

      1:00-2:30: Tap pre show and Party Scene (run through twice, once with each Clara, Jack in Box, Ballerina, Harlequin, Nutcracker Dolls)

2:30-3:15: battle Scene (each baby mice cast gets twice through)

3:15-4:00: Christmas Woods (both casts Christmas Angels)

4:00-5:30: Act II through Finale (both casts Candy Canes, Arabian, Dew Drop)

Saturday November 30th (in afternoon after 2:00 pm): extra rehearsals as needed- Soloist and featured parts, Clara, Sugar Plum, Prince, Battle Scene, Snow, Flowers, others as required,



      Dance floor will be down, so pointe shoes required from now on

      1:00-2:30: Pre-show and Party Scene (run through twice, once with each Clara, Jack in Box, Ballerina, Harlequin, Nutcracker Dolls)

2:30-3:15: battle Scene (no BABY MICE needed)

3:15-4:00: Christmas Woods (no BABY SNOW needed)

4:00-5:30: Act II through Finale (both casts Arabian, Dew Drop)

5:30-6:00: extra rehearsals as needed


Dec 1-5: DRESS AND TECH REHEARSALS 4:00-9:00 pm each day

detailed rehearsal schedules will be released closer to time. We will run Curtain Call first, then the show in order. We may run some pieces (like baby mice and baby snow) twice. Dancers may leave after they are done with their dances.

Monday: Red Cast TECH

Tuesday: Green Cast TECH

Wednesday: Red Cast Final Dress

Thursday: Green Cast Final Dress