Our Health and Safety Policies

Next Step Dance is enacting the following policies for the safety of our dancers, their families and our staff. It is our #1 priority that students have a safe and fun environment to dance in, whether that’s at home or in the studio. These policies are in place until further notice. We will follow health and safety guidelines and will adjust our policies as needed per guidance. Guidelines will be posted on our doors.


    We know that masks help prevent the spread of Covid-19, and protect our students and families, so why not wear them whenever we get the chance? Per CDC guidance, masks will be required by anyone age 8 and older who enters our building, and must be worn in all non-studio areas. Masks will not be required for ages 7 and under. Please talk with your student about their teachers and fellow students wearing masks before classes begin.

    We can recommend several dance and sports-specific types of masks that have proven to be comfortable, and disposable surgical-style masks also work well in an athletic environment (plus, they can be replaced halfway through class if needed).


    The lobby and waiting rooms will only be open to students and staff. We encourage parents to walk their student to the door of the studio, but they will not be permitted to enter except to help our 3&4 year old Rhythm&movement students get settled in during the first few classes. Our friendly staff and assistant teachers will help your child get to their class. Parents can stream their child’s class via zoom while at home or in the parking lot.


    All dancers and staff will sanitize their hands as they enter the building. Hands should also be sanitized when leaving and entering each room or area of the studio. .


    Students will be required to adhere to all social distancing guidelines. Studios, hallways, and the lobby will be sectioned into spaces that are the required 6 ft. apart. Boxes will be taped on the studio floors and students will be required to stay in their personal dance spaces. We are aiming for 1-way traffic flow through the building as well, so students will enter studios through specific doors, and exit through the main studio door for safe parking lot pick up. Each studio will have a designated bathroom and only 1 student at a time will be released to use the restroom.


    Staff will clean and sanitize all equipment and hard surfaces between each class, at the end of each night, and at the start of each day. This includes touchpoints such as barres, light switches, music players, and mopping the floor with CDC approved virucidal cleaners. We also have invested in large-space air filters while will filter the studio air a minimum of 1.4 times per hour, for ultra fine particles as small as .003 microns in size


    Dancers will need to bring their own water bottles to class and keep them in designated, distanced spots. Our water fountain has been replaced with a bottle filling station. Sharing of water bottles is strictly prohibited. NSDK water bottles are for sale in our online boutique!


    If you or anyone in your family is feeling unwell in any way, please stay home. Use the zoom link to stream your class and never miss a beat! We will welcome you back warmly when you are well again.

    The zoom link for each class is also how parents may observe class. Please be sure to name yourself, and keep your video off and audio muted so as not to distract students.


    Students need to arrive at the dance studio in their proper dancewear.


    If a student or a member of their family has been exposed to COVID-19, the studio should be notified immediately via call, text, or email. Our staff monitors all lines of communication throughout the day and notices will be received immediately.


    If an exposure is reported to Next Step Dance Kodiak staff, the studio will close for cleaning immediately.  Families will be notified via email and social media of the closure and expected reopening date. All classes will move to an online format during the closure.